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What is its Orbital Period?

An earth satellite moves in a circular orbit at a speed of 7000m/s?
What is its orbital period?

r = GM/v2
r: distance of the satellite from the center of Earth in m
M is the mass of Earth: 5.974 x 1024
v is the orbital speed: 7000 m/s

r = 6.674x 10-11 x 5.974 x 1024/70002
r = 8137445 meters from the center of the Earth
and : 8137445 – 6378100 = 1749345 meters from the surface of the Earth (Distance)

Calculate the orbital period.
Time = Distance/speed

distance : the circumference of the orbit,

2π x 8137445 = 51129074 meters

Time = (51129074)/7000
Time = 7304 seconds

= 2.02 hours

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