Why are whites obsessed with general relativity?


Scientists in Asia and the Middle East seem to be more interested in experimental and quantum physics. Things that have current commercial application.

Whites seem obsessed with the stream of physics that involve spacetime. Even at an undergraduate level, you can tell by the demography of these different classes.

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  1. People from every culture known have been obsessed with some ideas more than others.
    It isn’t the colour of the skin but the CULTURE that counts.

    In the US the major boost to physics came when it was giving promise to weapons that could kill more people.
    Culminating in the bombs on Japan and the production of Hydrogen bombs. Now that it seems to have lost its promise for death and destruction it has also lost its way. Less money is available and no one has a clear set of goals.

    There have been many other obsessions in different cultures. Perhaps that should really be your question.
    Why do different groups of people generate different obsessions? Clearly it cannot be based on any rational criteria or we would have a system of “convergent evolution”. It cannot be rational.

    So what other factors are involved?

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