I’m trying to understand voltage?


I have understood that voltage is how much energy is carried by the current but say you had current of 10A carrying 20V, does that mean amp of current is carrying 20V or does that mean that the 10A of current is carrying the 20V collectively so that means each amp is only carrying 2V?


  • Voltage is the potential to do work just as pressure is. In a water tank is is the pressure which forces water flow.
    Current is equivalent to the flow of the water. the flow of the water is determined by the pressure and the resistance to that flow in pipe size and other restrictions. The flow of current is in the same way restricted by devices it encounters along the current path.
    Your thinking may be confusing you because your statement says you think that the current is the cause and voltage is the effect when in actuality voltage is the cause (potential energy) and current is the effect in most standard thinking and teachings about voltage and current.
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