Does Newton’s second law of thermodynamics not disprove macroevolution?


Unless i misunderstood the definition, things naturally go from order to chaos; complexity to simplicity. Macro evolution contradicts of course as you have a simple amoeba or whatever the hell it was, evolving into the complex species we see today. The only way around this law is through the injection of intelligence and action, so evolution cannot even be possible without God. Someone prove me wrong?

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  1. Not at all. It basically says that an increase in order in one place can only occur by a decrease in order in another.
    So we start with the ordered sun. Containing fuel.
    That is turned into heat and light.
    The energy from that powers life and the gradual organization of things on earth but the result is a degradation of the heat.
    And indeed also a degradation of the minerals and materials of the earth itself.

    If your hidden contention was true then there could be no birth or growth of any living organism.
    THAT would involve a local increase in order.

    But I have it on quite good authority that life and birth do actually exist.

    I should add that the theory would suggest that the sun will run out of fuel eventually, the earth will degrade and that life on earth will disappear.
    It could not continue indefinitely for the very reasons that you do suggest.

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