A boy is sliding down from a third floor window of a building. As he slides down the rope faster and faster , he becomes frightened?


Then , he grabs harder on rope, increasing the tension on the rope. As soon as the upward tension in the rope becomes equal to his weight ,

Will the boy stop OR will the boy continues down at a constant velocity ?

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  1. F = ΔmV so the faster he slows to a stop, the greater the tension on the rope. The longer he waits, the faster he slides increasing his ΔV. Suppose he knows the rope could break. He would instinctively decrease his speed more gradually. This is similar to lifting a full bucket of water out of a well not too quickly because the rope could snap. It’s all about acceleration.

  2. I just read that in an impact some energy can be turned into heat instead of transferring momentum. So how fast would the ice cube impact need to be for them to turn into water? Also what is the best material for turning kinetic into thermal energy?

    Update: ignore the bit about ice cubes. there was some sort of glitch on yahoo from my other question?

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