5 Fakten, die Sie über mobile Jackpot-Spiele wissen müssen


Slots mit Jackpot-Funktion gehören zu den Automaten mit der größten Spannung und dem besten Gewinnpotenzial. Doch viele Spieler sind sich nicht wirklich darüber bewusst, wie die Jackpots funktionieren und was es bei diesen Slots zu beachten gilt.

Probability of winning is rarely indicated

For most jackpot slots, only the currently available winning amount is indicated. How high the probability of actually hitting this jackpot is, is displayed in very few cases. Some jackpot games also have multiple jackpots that differ in amount and frequency. This gives you the feeling that you can reach the lowest level of this jackpot feature quite easily. However, appearances can often be deceiving. It therefore makes perfect sense to rely on the experience of other players. For example, you can obtain experiences from the Quick Hit review or any other online slot, and thus better assess the individual jackpots slots. With the classic lottery, most players know that the chance of winning is vanishingly small.

Jackpot slots on the smartphone

Many games are also released as a mobile variant. The popular operating systems, iOS and Android support the vast majority of jackpot slots. Some online casinos also have their own app, which means that the data consumption is somewhat lower, which is quite practical on the go. But you can also enjoy most jackpot slots in the browser without any sacrifices.

Participation in the prize pool

The money for the jackpot has to come from somewhere, after all. It is money that has been collected from the players. In some jackpot slots, you have to deposit money into the prize pool before playing and only then you can start playing. However, many jackpot slots also regulate the participation in the prize pool in such a way that a certain part of the stakes always automatically flows into the prize pool. In both variants, however, the result is the same: the jackpot keeps growing until there is a lucky winner.


The payout of the jackpot is purely random. Most of the time, you need special symbols in the slot. The winner then receives the entire prize pool. In some games, you have a chance to win the jackpot only in the bonus rounds. In this case, for example, you need to find three scatter symbols in a spin before you have a chance at the jackpot in the free spins.

When the prize pool grows with the stakes of the players, it is called a progressive jackpot. Although there are also slots with a normal jackpot, where a fixed sum is paid out, these are rather rare.

The popularity of mobile jackpot slots

Jackpot slots combine elements of lotteries and slot machines, so to speak. Not only is the gameplay usually very entertaining, but like the lottery, you also have the chance to win big, which usually goes far beyond what you can usually win in most slots. Unlike the small wins you get here and there in slots, winning a jackpot can have a much bigger impact on your life.

Another advantage of mobile jackpot slots, is the convenience they offer. You can quickly whip out your smartphone and spin a few rounds anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Moreover, not only special gamer phones are capable of displaying slots smoothly.

Choosing a slot with jackpot function

If you are looking for a good jackpot slot, you should first sort based on your budget. For example, if you only have a small budget, you should rather look for a game where you can also place smaller bets.

The most popular mobile jackpot slots include Mega Moolah by Microgaming, Mega Fortune by NetEnt and Age of the Gods by Playtech.

Mega Moolah has consistently held its place in various top lists since its release year in 2006. Even though there are now many slots whose mechanics are more mature and sophisticated than those of Mega Moolah, the slot from Playtech can still enjoy great popularity. This is certainly due, among other things, to the fact that it has already produced several millionaires. There are no bonus games or freespins and the RTP is quite modest at 88.12. However, most players are only interested in the four jackpots anyway. To date, one lucky winner with €17.88 million in Mega Moolah holds the second place in the ranking of the biggest jackpot winners.


Mega Fortune by NetEnt has an interesting game concept. The symbols are all signs of prosperity. The wheel of fortune with the bonus games and the possibility to win jackpots is a distinctive feature of Mega Fortune. One player was able to win 17.86 million euros in Mega Fortune, almost as much as the runner-up in Mega Moolah.

Playtech does not offer millions in Age of the Gods, but the gameplay with the various free spins already provides good entertainment. The fact that the jackpots are also impressive is partly due to the fact that there are three sequels to the game and they all pay into the same prize pool.

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