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Free-fall Acceleration

Astronauts on the first trip to Mars take along a pendulum that has a period on earth of 1.50 s. The period on Mars turns out to be 2.45 s.

What is the Martian free-fall acceleration?

Earth = 1.5 s

Mars= 2.45 s

T= 2π√L/g

1.5 s2 = (2π√L/9.8)2
1.5 s2 = 21.5 s2 = x L/9.81

1.5 s2 x 9.81 = 2πL

1.5 s2 x 9.81 / 2π = L


2.452 = (2π * 3.5)/g

g = (2π x 3.5)/6.0025

g = 3.67 M/s2

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