Why has it proven so hard to find new cutting edge physics beyond the standard model at the LHC?


Is it more likely to come from gravitational waves and a possible black hole fire wall discovery than the LHC? Will the LHC ever find new physics beyond the standard model?

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  1. Probably due to the fact that a lot of theories were devised based on their mathematical “beauty”, rather than on actual observational data. That’s not difficult to figure why that happened, it took over 40 years from the last quantum field theory to be devised (the Higgs mechanism), to actually testing that theory at the LHC. So in the meantime, theoretician’s imaginations went wild without any actual data to constrain their imaginations. Soon they started believing that the mathematical beauty of their theories must mean that they were right. Now they’re being shown that the universe doesn’t care one wit about how pretty their mathematics is.

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