What are the Types of Learning Management Systems?


Open-source learning management system

Any requirement can be adjusted using a free, open-source learning management system. It also implies you’ll need a professional specialist to create a custom learning management system from scratch. It’s also possible that there won’t be any reliable assistance.


LMS for business

Commercial training management system software is expensive to purchase and can only be adjusted by the firm that owns it. As a result, you, as a client, may be missing out on certain desirable features. On the other side, you will receive consistent and reliable assistance.


LMS has been installed.

An installed or hosted LMS operates on your premises and stores data on your own servers. As a result, it is extremely safe and can be completely customized. For installed LMS creation and maintenance, however, you’ll require an in-house server rack.



The vendor hosts and maintains the software-as-a-service learning management system in the cloud. As a client, you pay a monthly fee and concentrate solely on training. However, there isn’t much room for personalization.


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