What are the Interesting facts of Chocolate Labrador?


One of the famous and favorite dog breeds of America is Labrador and due to their trainability and easy-going nature makes this dog’s the best friend of all others. You will usually find them in their official colors like black, yellow, and chocolate. However, the chocolate coat variant has become synonymous with the short span of life. The average lifespan of this Labrador is 12.2 years while on the other side chocolate lab only has a life expectancy of 10.7 years.


Chocolate lab facts: It’s interesting to hear that Labrador retriever puppies are born with blue eyes. Overtime when they turn into adult age, their eyes will darken into brown. This usually happens between the 12-16 week mark.


Labradors, who come in a variety of colours, but the chocolate color remains fairly consistent throughout puppyhood. The colour of most chocolate Labs is quite similar. The colour of  adult chocolate Labrador Retriever’s coat will vary depending on whether it is newly grown after a molt or is about to shed. As the old hair dies, it loses some of its colour, and the dead hair is much paler than the gleaming new coat that will emerge soon. When Labradors are in their formative years their energy levels are at their peak, therefore at that time, proper dog training is required.


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