What are 16 Ways To Earn Money Online Without Investment


Almost everyone wants to make money online but only a few people are serious to take it as a career. you cannot imagine how the internet can make you rich. These scams also tell you to give some refundable amount and then you will earn a lot. Remember you can only be paid on the internet if you have any skills. Today I am going to share with you 11 legit ways of how to earn money online without investment.

1.- Become A Consultant- you can be a consultant while working online. All you have to learn about marketing and you have to analyse the market. You have to suggest the company about the market and your advice should be professional which can add value to the company. If your ideas generate profit for that company then definitely, they will pay you a good amount of money.


2- Become A Writer– If you have an interest in writing something good then you should make your career in writing. Nowadays many companies are looking for a great writer so you can be the next choice of them. You can make money now without paying anything here. Your content should be unique and add some value to the readers. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you in this field. Always remember that it may take some time if you did not write anything before.


3- Build App- If you know the basic things about app development then you can make your future in this field. Many people made very popular apps and now they are earning millions and billions. First, you should make a small app and publish it on the play store. If your app becomes popular then you can add many other different features and update your app. once your app becomes popular then nobody can stop you from becoming a billionaire.


4- Podcast– Nowadays podcasts are very popular. Because today’s life is very busy and people do not have time to read and watch something else. If you have a good voice and a great story or knowledge and self-confidence then you can share it with the people online. There are many platforms available for podcasts where you can share your knowledge or story. For this, you just need a laptop and microphone.


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