Stephen Hawking hopes that time travel is impossible, and hopes there’s a law of physics against it. But isn’t there already one?

Why would he need to hope there is a law against time travel, when quite clearly the Lorentz Gamma Factor in Special Relativity, quite obviously rules out backwards time travel? If you can go faster than light, the time travel would have to happen in imaginary space, not in real space.
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  1. Stephen Hawking is perhaps the smartest man on the planet, his only “hope” is to continue study of astrophysics.
    Just like Einstein, he “knows” traveling back in time is not possible. The problem, exceeding the speed of light without molecular deconstruction.
    In theory, exceeding light, you become sub atomic particles,,energy without electrons. That theory is supported by experiments with the supercollider. Atoms accelerated faster than light transformed into sub atomic mass and energy.

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