Is zero gravity a myth?


Even if you’re in so-called zero gravity you’re really in micro gravity. Only if you’re like trillions of miles from the nearest large body are you actually in zero gravity.

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  1. Imagine that you are inside a tube. With each part of the tube pulling you in a different direction.
    What is the NET gravity caused by that tube?

    Now if you are in space and there are bodies pulling in different directions there are many different points at which the forces one way are cancelled by the forces in the other.
    So there are many points that would truly be zero NET gravity.

    Now we go to relativity. You can only determine gravity as a type of acceleration.
    What that means is that you WOULD accelerate downwards if the surface of the earth was not present.
    So we find this acceleration relative to the surface of the earth and call it gravity.

    OK go away from the earth and away from the air. You would always accelerate in whatever direction gravity was so that the NET forces on any object, that is near you, RELATIVE to you become zero.

    i,e you detect no weight forces at all. To you THAT would be zero gravity.

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