Is it theoretically possible to create such device, which would make anything from air?


I mean, it would somehow add or remove electrons from any atom and combine them, creating anything (cars, food, water etc.)

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  1. “Theoretically” has many possible meanings here. If you’re talking about theoretically using any currently known technology, then the answer is no.

    If you’re talking about the far future, when we can replicate any element in the universe by atomic fusion, then the answer is still no, but with a qualification. The elements mainly found in the air are not the right type of elements for the most part, such things as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and water vapor. It would instead be easier to make everything starting with hydrogen, because it consists of just one proton. You can then take the hydrogen and knock several of them together and build up towards any other element. So the easiest place to find the hydrogen is in the water, not in the air. So more likely you’ll be able to make stuff out of water, rather than air.

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