Is It Possible To Work Too Much?


Anything in excess, whether it’s chocolate, exercise, drink, or job, can be harmful to your health. Working too much can be harmful to your emotional and physical health.

If you’ve extended your working hours without seeing a major boost in production, the lengthy hours are most likely to blame. According to a Stanford study, persons who worked 70 hours per week didn’t get any more work done than those who worked 56 hours.

Making a to-do list is one way to make work more manageable. It’s a fantastic mental lift to cross off completed activities throughout the day. Try to complete your top two or three tasks each day; the remainder can be completed tomorrow. Organizing your week by priority ensures that your important tasks receive your best energy.

It’s easy for work to get in the way of our social and personal lives. And, even if you do have time to see your friends and family, chances are you’ll be too drained to enjoy your time with them. As a result you will always get fade out when you are with your ones. And at that time couples counseling west palm beach is the perfect option for you.

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