Is it possible to travel back in time? Like what method of experimentation could be done to test it out? Which sub field of physics is this?


They say traveling back in time is impossible but speaking from a physics standpoint what calculation are used? Which field in physics does this come under?

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  1. It would come under general relativity. No one can prove time travel to the past is impossible. However, causality is probably the single most fundamental principle upon which the laws of physics are built. Even quantum mechanics with its bizarre non-local treatment of space and time appears – at least at the experimental level – to adhere to causality. Time travel would appear to violate causality as well as allow irreconcilable paradox. Granted, our knowledge of physics is incomplete, but based on everything we do know it does not appear to be possible.

    There are some pretty obscure solutions (metrics) of general relativity that appear to allow Closed Time like Curves (CTC’s), but these are unlikely to physically exist. One of the metrics is the Godel metric (the same Kurt Godel of the incompleteness theorems).

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