Have those in physics considered that gravity is a myth?


Keeping an open mnd, not over reacting, are real science.

Your thoughts on this video based on Robert Otey’s book are requested?
Just evoking, not critiquing is not science.

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  1. Einstein said Gravity and Time are connected. Time can best be defined as INHERENT constant motion of c/sqrt2, in the 4th dimensional direction in ALL Mass (everything stays relatively in place because the vectors of movement are close to the same)
    Large masses CURVE space in the 4th dimension, so the force we feel and call “Gravity” is a form of “Inertia” we feel as, we moving through time, move around the curve in space.—-Not unlike taking a curve in a car in our 3D reality.—-Since our perception of the 4th Dimension is really “screwed up” by our 3D minds, it appears that the 4D inertia is drawing us TOWARD the large mass.

    Inertia driven “artificial gravity” in a centrifuge or spinning space station, is the equivalent force in our 3D world. But real GRAVITY arises from the 4D time motion curving and what we feel in the 3D world.—So Gravity is NOT a “Force” like Electricity or Magnetism, but an EFFECT felt between dimensions

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