Does the gravitational force that we experience on a daily on Earth, actually come from Earth? See details?


Or is it rather a force that surrounds objects with mass in space? I watched a video on YouTube about NASA performing an experiment to simulate gravity with the use of inertia, so if gravity can be “created” (or rather simulated) by using centrifugal force, what does that tell us about Earth’s gravity?

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  1. Prior to Einstein we treated gravity as quite separate and distinct from acceleration.
    However Einstein argued that if we were in a closed box we could not perform any experiment that differentiated between an accelerating box in space and a stationary box in a gravitational field.

    This does not automatically mean that gravity IS an acceleration but it does mean that we can treat it in the same way.
    That if acceleration causes something then gravity should cause the same thing.

    This is quite different from your argument.
    Gravity, caused by the earth, must have the same effect as an acceleration caused by ( for example ) a rocket motor or in your specific example an acceleration caused by the radial arm of your centrifuge.

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